Back 4 Blood Solo Players Can’t Progress Or Use Cards

Turtle Rock Studios’ return to the zombie genre hasn’t got off to the best start, as solo players can’t progress in Back 4 Blood.

The zombie-slaying shooter launched into early access this week for those scooping up the Ultimate Edition. But quickly fans noticed that they weren’t earning supply points when playing in the solo campaign.

That might not sound like much, but supply points are the main currency in the game, which allow you to accrue Cards. Cards are sort of Back 4 Blood’s whole thing, and means that solo players can’t progress through the game.

Credit: Turtle Rock Studios


Back 4 Blood’s card system allows you to craft decks. These decks mean you can design stamina builds, or damage builds and so on. It is the lifeblood of the game’s replay-ability. Coming back with different builds and operators might give you the edge, especially in the game’s higher difficulties.

However, solo players can’t progress in Back 4 Blood. The Card system is currently locked to those playing with at least one other player. Noticed by one Reddit user, players are essentially forced to play with others to earn any supply points in the game. I’d assume that that had to be some sort of mistake on Turtle Rock’s behalf. Admittedly they game isn’t much fun with the shockingly bad bots, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t play the game properly with them.

Back 4 Blood's Ogre
Credit: Turtle Rock Studios

I’d expect that Turtle Rock will be able to send a quick patch throw to unlock supply point progression. The team already faced criticism from fans, who were disappointed over the game’s omission of the Versus Campaign.

Back 4 Blood launches on October 12th across PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to pick the game up for free. Hopefully, Turtle Rock will be more mindful of solo players moving forward?

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Featured Image Credit: Turtle Rock Studios