TimTheTatman Says He Is Done With Apex Legends

TimTheTatman is done with Apex Legends, despite the YouTube Gaming star switching to the battle royale over Warzone.

TimTheTatman was one of the many streamers that ditched Warzone in favour of Apex Legends. Warzone’s ongoing cheating issue drove many players away, including NICKMERCS. However, amid the hype of Call of Duty Vanguard, it seems as though TimTheTatman has forgiven Warzone and moved back to the battle royale.

In a recent stream TimTheTatman revealed how he outright refused to play Apex Legends with Dr DisRespect. And he says the game lack of speed is why.



TimTheTatman was recently reunited with Dr DisRespect when he signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. Along with Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman and Dr DisRespect have been tearing up Warzone since. Tim was even in disbelief when Dr DisRespect hit the ultimate no-scope.

It seems that by dipping back into Warzone, TimTheTatman has lost his appetite for Apex Legends. In a recent stream, Tim stated:

I don’t wanna go get 2kp, rotate and go to the little beacon. Find out where the final circle is and go and wait till the last two teams fight.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment/ xQc

While Apex features some of the best first-person shooting on the market, it does require a far more tactile approach. Games can be spent avoiding confrontation, which was an issue addressed by xQc when he jumped into Apex, when he claimed that “nobody fights”.

It is a shame that Tim is done with Apex Legends, because alongside Doc, they could have been unstoppable. Clearly, Apex Legends has taken favour over Warzone for a lot of streamers. Over the last month it has consistently remained above Warzone in the Twitch charts.

Would you like TimTheTatman return to Apex? Or are you happy to see him back in Warzone? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: TimTheTatman/ GQ