Some Of Warzone’s Best Guns Are Being Nerfed

In the constant chase for a balanced experience a recent patch saw some of Warzone‘s best guns are being nerfed.

Many fan-favourite guns like the Krig-6, AK47 and FARA 83 will see some tweaks in the update, which launched this week. Warzone’s ever-growing arsenal of weapons from different games has made it difficult for Activision to fine the right balance. And with Vanguard’s weapons arriving in Warzone when the new Pacific map launches, this issue could only grow.

This latest update however, seems to have aimed its sights at some of the more powerful weapons in the game. With a range of nerfs, it’ll be interesting to see how players react as they try them out over the weekend.


The Krig-6 has been one of the most popular guns in Warzone since introduced with Cold War. And Warzone developers Raven Software is aware of this. In their patch notes they cited the Krig-6 as a “resilient” weapon. However, to tackle its power and ease of use, they have increased its recoil and dropped its neck multiplier, essentially reducing the time to kill (TTK).

Already, this will be a rough adjustment for some players. Among them is TimTheTatman, who commented on Raven’s post asking “does the krig suck now”?

Credit: Treyarch/ Activision

A change I’m happy to see is a nerf for the TEC-9 which has had its damage decreased. I find this weapon way too powerful, as you are regularly getting beamed from half way across the map. And this is with an SMG! One of the latest battle pass weapons, the OTs 9 has also recieved a damage decrease and its recoil increased.

However, outside of the guns themself, there are some small changes coming to barrels within the game. Barrels for guns such as the Tactical Rifle Charlie or M16, are getting fire rate increases.

Raven noted that everything in the patch notes was all that coming with the update. So we shouldn’t get any nasty surprises. You can take a look at the patch notes in full here.

Have any of your favourite guns been affected by the patch? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Activision/ Treyarch