Call of Duty Vanguard Reveals New Pacific Warzone Map

Last night Activision unveiled Call of Duty Vanguard’s multiplayer, and among it we also got our first glimpse of the new Warzone map.

Call of Duty Vanguard is hoping to recapture what Modern Warfare got so right. Returning to an updated Modern Warfare engine, the game will see the return of a slower and more tactical style of gameplay. Sledgehammer Games is introducing 20 maps, the return of Gunsmith, new modes and more. But despite all there is to look forward to in its multiplayer, some fans just want more Warzone.

Luckily, in the last segment of the multiplayer reveal stream, Activision gave us a look at the new Warzone map. And they were adamant that it was still arriving later this year.

Credit: Activision


Players were beginning to get a little worried about when Warzone would recieve its much needed Vanguard update. With Vanguard set to launch on November 5th, Activision had simple stuck to a “later this year” shtick. However, revealing a new Pacific Warzone map indicated that a reveal may actually be approaching.

Said to be arriving “shortly” after the launch of Vanguard, I would hope that the new Warzone map will launch alongside Vanguard’s first season. The first season is set to launch on November 23rd.

Credit: Activision

We only got a brief look at the new map, but it is far different from the concrete streets of Verdansk. Instead, players will be fighting their way through lush jungle areas, waterfalls and 40s styled points of interest. Actvision stated that their new map aims to be “vibrant, alive and really open the doors in how [it] can craft the narrative and events”.

The new Warzone map certainly looks far more interesting than Verdansk. And with all the same tech from Call of Duty Vanguard, this will be a far more polished Warzone experience. The Vanguard update will even see the introduction of a new anti-cheat software, to tackle the ongoing cheating problems.

We still don’t have a concrete date on when the new Warzone map will arrive. However, I have my fingers crossed for the launch of season one.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision