Call Of Duty Just Called Out Its Cheaters In A Very Funny Way

Call of Duty has struggled with cheaters for months, but Activision is beginning to hit back as they ban another 100,000 Warzone cheaters.

Call of Duty Warzone has had a bit of a rough time as of late. With the constant slew of hackers on PC, many players have decided to leave the battle royale in favour of others. And this doesn’t just apply to players, as some of the largest streamers recently left the game due to frustration over cheating.

However, with the anti-cheat on the horizon with the Vanguard update, Activision is hunting down Warzone cheaters and told them so in an online video.


In a tweet, Call of Duty stated “This is not a drill: if you cheat, we are coming for you“. The tweet was accompanied by a minute-long video, where a hacker oddly congratulated the studio for finally banning his accounts. In his reaction to banning, the unnamed cheater said:

I wanna say a big congratulations to Activision. Big congratulation. You guys finally got your s**t together. And you finally have a banned account, so I appreciate you doing that“.

Credit: Activision

The cheater then goes on to claim that because Activision is actively trying to fix the game, content creators will start to come back. Call of Duty also boasted in the video that they had recently banned 100,000 cheaters. This is on top of the half-million the shooter banned back in May of this year.

Hopefully, with the arrival of a new anti-cheat system later this year, cheating will become much less common in Warzone and we can all go back to enjoying the game. However, it’s ridiculous that a game of this scale has let this become the problem that it is.

Would you return to Warzone if they got rid of all the cheaters? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Activision