Halo 3 Armour Is Getting Weird In Its Latest Update

Halo 3’s armour is iconic in the gaming space, with their hard-angled design and reflective visors but a recent update looks to change that.

Entering its 8th season of content, Halo 3 in the Master Chief Collection (MCC) has for longest time found ways to spice up the classic Spartan armour. Despite variation in design and colour, Halo 3’s armour has always been recognisable. However, a recent update is taking inspiration from other shooters, by introducing a skeletal armour in season eight.

Credit: 343 Industries


Brought to light by PC Gamer, the latest update changes how Halo approaches armour design. In a recent blog post, 343 Industries revealed Norse inspired armour sets that would arrive with the new season. Inspired by the likes of Medusa and old-age Spartans the new armour sets aren’t quite what you’d expect from Halo. In fact, they look like something you would find in Destiny.

Art director Horia Dociu explained that “it felt like a cool way to bring some of the inherent themes of the game into a more literal, visual realm.” With terms like Spartan, Mjolnir and Valhalla used within the game anyway, Halo 3’s armour bring these terms into the game physically. However, as fun as the new focus may be, it might not fit into Halo 3’s current rosters of skins.

Credit: 343 Industries

As PC Gamer’s Natalie Clayton, a long time Halo fan, puts it: “[the new designs] are bound to make it jarring when someone rolls up on High Ground looking like they’ve just completed a World of Warcraft raid tier“.

Nonetheless 343 Industries seems content with the new direction. Players will even get to don the new helmets in Halo: Reach within the MCC. We know that Halo Infinite will offer highly customisable armour sets within its never-ending battle passes. However, at this stage, we’ve yet to see anything as out there as the Halo 3 armour.

While variety is a good thing to aspire towards, it seems as though the new design moves away from the simple yet iconic design of old.

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Feature Image Credit: 343 Industries