Call Of Duty Warzone Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Streamers

NICKMERCS, a top Call of Duty Warzone streamer, has apparently ditched the game in favour of rival battle royale title Apex Legends.

NICKMERCS is widely known as one of the biggest Warzone influencers out there. He regularly plays the game for hours upon hours on stream and has competed in several tournaments over the last year. Now, however, the streamer has said that they’re taking a hiatus from the game.

In a YouTube video titled ‘Moving On…’, the Warzone streamer outlines his reasons for wanting to take a break. “Point blank, straight to the point, I’m dipping from Call of Duty: Warzone,” NICKMERCS begins. “Call of Duty is just in a really really bad spot – down bad, down horrible across the board. There’s no sign of light at the end of this tunnel.”

YouTube video

The streamer expresses that he just isn’t having as much fun with the game as he once was. Part of that might be due to the huge hacking problem that the game has on PC with hackers even invading official tournaments. Or it could be due to the ongoing lawsuit with allegations of discrimination that Activision is currently facing.

NICKMERCS doesn’t rule out that he’ll never return to Warzone. After all, the new Call of Duty game is only a few months away and a big tie-in to the battle royale is expected

What’s next for the streamer?

So what game will the top Warzone streamer be playing in the meantime? For now, the streamer has turned his attention to rival BR, Apex Legends. “I started playing Apex off stream with a couple buddies,” the streamer explains. “I got absolutely hooked and I did a 15 hour livestream yesterday where I was gaming and I felt like a little kid again.”


Apex Legends just entered its tenth season yesterday. Bringing a ranked version to its Arenas mode, a brand new Legend character and changing up the maps, Apex is trundling along successfully despite the hot competition from Warzone.

NICKMERCS has his sights on reaching the Predator rank in Apex Legends, the highest possible achievement in the competitive mode. “It’s a short amount of people in the world that have hit Apex Predator. It’s a goal for me, so I definitely want to knock it out of the park.” He’s already completed several lengthy streams of Apex with the game appearing popular with his audience.

Warzone is about to enter its fifth season with a story teaser releasing earlier in the week. Some eagle eyed players have already uncovered hidden messages that appear to point towards the reveal of this year’s new Call of Duty title.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: NICKMERCS