Seer’s Original Abilities ‘Kinda Broke’ Apex Legends, According To Dev

Apex Legends’ latest legend Seer brought some game-changing tracking abilities, but his original abilities “kinda broke the game”.

Seer joined Apex Legends just this week with the launch of its newest season Emergence. The recon legend has proven a worthy opponent with his enemy-locating abilities, which even render some characters useless. 

However, in a recent interview with Dexerto, Respawn devs revealed that Seer didn’t always have the abilities players are currently coming to grips with. Prior to becoming more in line with Bloodhound, Seer once had audio-based abilities. 

However, after some internal testing, Respawn stated that messing with “fake” audio “kinda broke the game”. 

Seer Battle Pass Skin


Seer’s audio abilities would have taken the form of a decoy grenade and a similar sphere ability. Decoy grenades would imitate gunshots and sometimes footsteps, which could then throw enemy squads as you approach. 

However, his ultimate sounded the most intriguing. Rather than highlighted anyone within it, Seer’s sphere would trap all sound within it. While this doesn’t sound immediately effective, this would essentially avoid third partying. 

So much of the game relies on audio, so these abilities would have been a massive mix-up. However, by faking some sounds, the entire soundboard of Apex Legend would become unreliable, and too big an impact for a single legend. 

Instead, we are left with Seer’s scanning abilities, which are pretty powerful on their own. I wouldn’t be surprised if we even got some kind of nerf at either the mid-point of season 10 or the beginning of season 11. 

Messing with audio is an interesting angle for Apex to take, so I would be interested to see it come to the game in a future legend. 

What do you think of Seer’s original abilities? Do you think they would have broken the game? Let us know over on our social channels!  

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Feature Image Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment/ Gfinity