Apex Legends Seer

Apex Legends Just Nerfed One Of Its Most Powerful Characters

Apex Legends’ newest character, has shifted the meta of the Battle Royale, but a recent Seer nerf is aiming to address balancing issues. Seer is an impressive addition to the roster of Apex characters. The recon specialist rivals the likes of Bloodhound, with his enemy-seeking abilities. However, when introduced with the launch of Season 10, … Read more

Seer’s Original Abilities ‘Kinda Broke’ Apex Legends, According To Dev

Apex Legends’ latest legend Seer brought some game-changing tracking abilities, but his original abilities “kinda broke the game”. Seer joined Apex Legends just this week with the launch of its newest season Emergence. The recon legend has proven a worthy opponent with his enemy-locating abilities, which even render some characters useless.  However, in a recent … Read more

Apex Legends Seer

Apex Legend Developer Addresses New Legend ‘Seer’ Balancing Worries

Will Apex’s new Legend be overpowered? Developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, has addressed potential Seer balancing worries. The latest season of Apex Legends is upon us, and that means it is time for a new Legend. The newest addition to the roster of 18 Legends is Seer. We got a snapshot of Seer’s new … Read more