New Apex Trailer Gets A Close Look At New Legend “Seer”

A new trailer for Apex Legends’ next season has revealed a closer look at its latest addition to the character roster, Seer.

We are less than a week away from the launch of Apex Legends’ tenth season, Emergence. We’ve got map changes, new weapons, and even a couple of heartbreaking losses ahead. However, Respawn Entertainment released a gameplay trailer for its newest Legend, Seer, to show why he’s worth checking out.

Seer is a recon Legend, and come to blows with the likes of Crypto and Bloodhound. Some fans had been worried of the potential over-powered nature of Seer, but this trailer gave us a little more clarification on his abilities.

YouTube video


To start things off, Seer’s passive ability will be a heartbeat sensor, titled “Heart Seeker”. This may have some Warzone players getting a little excited, but this interpretation won’t be quite as exact.

Aiming down sights will provide pointing indicators for nearby enemies. This has the potential to be incredibly powerful, but I’d imagine it would take quite a bit of practice to be able to use it wisely. While aiming down sights is of course necessary, it does slow down your Legend considerably, and movement is King in Apex Legends. However, with a 75m radius, at least knowing that enemies are nearby can give squads the edge.

Apex Legends Seer
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

Next up we have Seer’s Tactical, and the ability that has many worried. “Focus of Attention” will summon micro-drones to reveal enemies through walls, and even interrupt them. This means anyone using healing items will be stopped in their tracks. The trailer also revealed that by using this ability, you will also be able to see the health bars of enemies when you aim at them. We’ll just need to see just how powerful this tactical really is, but I reckon some balancing work may be on the cards.


And finally, we have Seer’s ultimate, “Exhibit”. This will create a sphere of micro-drones, revealing any enemy that either moves quickly or fires their weapon within it. I can’t wait to try and pair this ultimate with Bangalore’s smoke canisters. Enemy squads, literally won’t know what hit them.

We are just a few days away now from the launch of Emergence. It will arrive free to all Apex Legends players across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. However, players who fancy a snazzy Volt skin might want to pick up the newest battle pass too.

Will you be trying out Seer when he arrives this season? Let us know across out social channels!


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Feature Image Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment