Sony Is Finally Beta Testing Expandable Storage For PlayStation 5

Sony has begun beta testing new expandable storage options for the PlayStation 5. 

Storage for consoles can be a bit of an issue. With rising file sizes, Sony’s next-gen consoles can be filled to the brim with just a handful of titles. However, it seems that the horizon is packed with all of your deleted games. 

Sony has begun beta testing for the M.2 SSD, which will allow players to extend their storage by up to 4TB. Expandable storage was first promised on the run-up to the PS5’s release. Nearly nine months on from release, it feels drastically overdue.

While you can technically store your games in an expandable hard drive, it looks off all of your games to the supersonic SSD. While you might not be playing PS5 optimised games, your games will benefit from faster loading times. And we all know that no one really likes loading times. You don’t like loading times, do you? 


While at this point in time, you’ll need to sign up for the beta to extend your hard drives, it does at least show that it is coming. Those that do sign up will be able to install their hard drives with the aid of a software update.  

Xbox SSD
Credit: Microsoft

This does feel like a loss for Sony as Xbox has provided storage (albeit expensive) from day one. And Xbox’s option is as simple as slotting in the back. Sony, on the other hand, has a full page dedicated to the installation of their SSD storage. 

If you fancy upping your storage a little, there are some requirements that Sony recommends that you meet. But beware, the SSD game is not a cheap one, and some SSD can set you back as much as the consoles themselves – if not even more. 

I’ve got my fingers crossed for widescale support of expandable SSD storage pretty soon. In today’s age of 100GB plus games, it is a little embarrassing that a next-gen console would launch with just over 600GB of usable storage. 

What do you think of Sony’s expandable storage solution? Let us know over on our social channels! 

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Feature Image Credit: Sony