Sir Lewis Hamilton Helped Make Gran Turismo 7 Feel More Realistic

It has been revealed that the seven-time F1 World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton acted as a consultant on the upcoming Gran Turismo 7. Sony and Polyphony Digital were eager to show off the impressive new features of Gran Turismo 7 last night. Featuring a staggering amount of cars and tracks, this epic new racer looks … Read more

Apple TV+ Is Free For PS5 Owners – Here’s How

Apple is offering a massive six-month free trial of its Apple TV+ streaming service to people who own a PlayStation 5 console. Apple TV+ is the tech giant’s answer to the Netflix and Amazon Prime services of the world. Most of the company’s hardware comes with a trial. However, if you’ve not bought a new … Read more

PS5 Face Plate Company Sells New Plates Despite Sony Lawsuit

dBrand is selling all-new custom PS5 face plates just days after Sony sued it for doing the same thing. If you’ve never heard of dBrand, it’s a company that sells vinyl skins, cases, and screen protectors for your electronics. It also carries its brand with an extreme ‘stick it to the man’ attitude, despite being … Read more

Hell Let Loose Is Launching On PlayStation Plus

PlayStation players will be happy to know that Hell Let Loose is launching on PlayStation consoles in October as part of the PS Plus monthly games. Hell Let Loose is the tactical World War 2 shooter developed by Black Matter Games. After launching on PC back in 2019, Hell Let Loose finally came out of … Read more