PlayStation 5 Game Trials Is Great… If You Have Fast Internet

PlayStation 5 Game Trials is an excellent idea from Sony that lets you try before you buy, but a reliance on fast internet ruins it.

With the price of games these days, it’s hard to really know what you want. Players are far less likely to just experiment with games when they come in at a cool 70 quid. However, PlayStation 5 Game Trials are an excellent way to counter that.

Game trials allow you to try out hours of games you aren’t entirely sold on. It’s just a shame that your time starts counting down as soon as you hit download.

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The move from Sony is a step in the right direction for players that maybe don’t splurge on any game that is released. But tying game time to its download completely ruins it for some players. Dependent on location or internet plans, downloading something at 10GB can eat up a fair amount of your six hours.

The feature is only just in trial itself. At the time of writing, only Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are available. Players can try out Death Stranding for six hours and Sackboy for five.

Credit: Kojima Productions

Hopefully, as Sony test the water on the PlayStation 5 Game Trials, it will expand it to other titles like Miles Morales or Ghost of Tsushima. I know I would have appreciated a feature like this before I sank £70 into Demon’s Souls. However, Sony needs to rid the ties to download times. I remember the days when my internet would take an hour to download 1GB, and game files can easily be close to 100x that these days.


VG247 reported a work around though if you struggle with slow internet. If you make a PlayStation account in the same region and download the trial, you can then access it from your main account. This means you could have the full amount of time to try out the game. And if you decide to keep the game, all progress and trophies will transfer over into the full game.

I think this is a fantastic feature, and I hope PlayStation 5 game trials really kick off.

What do you think? And would your internet be fast enough to make the most of your time? Let us know over on our social channels!


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Featured Image Credit: Sony