Sony Pulls Out Of E3 But Fans Think They Know Why

Sony has announced it won’t be appearing at E3 2019, and it’s caused ripples of shock throughout the gaming community. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are arguably the big draws to any E3 conference, but without the PlayStation top dogs showing up for the first time in E3’s history…it’s going to be a little weird. Fans … Read more

Developer Says Photo Realistic Graphics are Coming to the Playstation 5

Despite the front runners in the home console market right now are the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Microsoft’s upcoming console upgrade, Project Scorpio. Despite the eighth generation having much success with no signs of slowing down, eventually this generation will conclude and a successor will come. Perhaps, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Two … Read more

Sony’s PS5 is coming, but it’ll not compete with Xbox One X

Concept image of PS5 – Not an actual representation of how the console will look Sony doesn’t want to lose any ground to Xbox One X, so when Playstation 5 drops they aren’t going to be trying to play catch-up or to compete with the Xbox One X, according to research analyst Michael Pachter. Sony … Read more