Say Goodbye To These Popular Guns In Apex Legends New Season

Apex Legends will be reserving the Alternator and Spitfire guns to Care Packages in the upcoming Emergence Update.

Apex Legends players know not to get too attached to weapons. Weapon selection is altered with every new season, so change is always expected. We’ve seen guns like the Peacekeeper or the Prowler locked behind Care Packages in previous season.

With Care Packages dropping throughout a match – as well as being the Ultimate for Lifeline – you can still pick these weapons up. However, with the random and noteable nature of Care Packages, you can go long stints without ever seeing one.

Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The latest victims of the ground loot rotation are both popular picks in the Apex Legends meta. Both the Alternator and the Spitfire are making their way to Care Packages with the launch of Emergence. The Alternator is a reliable SMG with low recoil and decent range. Whereas the Spitfire is an unflinching beast that can easily beam anyone that gets in its way.

While it is disappointing to see them go, they will receive slight boosts due to their rarity. These rotations mean that the Prowler, a three-burst SMG, will be returning to the ground loot.

Apex Legends Alternator
Credit: Respawn


This change in ground loot does have its implication for battle royale, but for Arenas they are massive. As a result of the Alternator and the Spitfire leaving floor loot, they will no long be available through the store in Arenas. You will still be able to pick either up from a randomised care package, but with the high intensity and quickness of rounds in Arenas this might not always be a possibility. With the Spitfire in particular being a hot choice in Arenas, many fans will be hurting.

With Apex Legends’ latest season just a week away, you’ll have plenty of time to come to terms with this loss. I know I’ll cherish my Spitfire every night this week.

These changes will come into effect when Apex Legends Emergence launches on August 3rd. The new season will be available to players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

I’m already fighting back the tears for this change. Let us know how you are coping over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment