Titanfall 2

Should Apex Legends Introduce Wall-Running?

Apex Legends has some of the best movement in a first-person shooter, but a recent mod showcased how wall-running could make it even better. Apex Legends was the battle-royale based successor to Respawn Entertainment’s previous game, Titanfall 2. Many of the successful ingredients for Apex Legends stem from Titanfall 2, which featured supreme movement and … Read more

Apex Legends Seer

Apex Legends Just Nerfed One Of Its Most Powerful Characters

Apex Legends’ newest character, has shifted the meta of the Battle Royale, but a recent Seer nerf is aiming to address balancing issues. Seer is an impressive addition to the roster of Apex characters. The recon specialist rivals the likes of Bloodhound, with his enemy-seeking abilities. However, when introduced with the launch of Season 10, … Read more