Apex Legends Bangalore Edition Gives Fan-Favourite A New Look

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition was announced last night, and it comes with a flash new outfit that is sure to turn heads.

Apex Legends has some of the best skin designs in a live service game. From eccentric to flamboyant, ugly to downright awesome, players are able to decorate their legends how they please.

Fans were a little taken aback by the questionable designs of the skins available through this latest season’s battle pass. However, Apex Legends Bangalore Edition is here with a cool and colourful new look for the soldier.


Apex Legends Bangalore Edition is the 8th edition of the game to release. This follows legends such as Octane, Lifeline and Gibralter all getting their own unique skins and attachments.

Credit: EA/ GameRiv

Bangalore Edition includes the “Super Soldier” skin, a G7 Scout skin titled “Trusty Sidekick”, the “Mark of a Hero” gun charm, and the exclusive “Striker” badge. This edition also comes with 1000 apex coins, which can be used to purchases further skins, or the latest season’s battle pass.

Apex Legends is notorious for the ludicrous prices of its in-game skins. They even include the extremely rare heirloom shards, which drop in 1 of every 500 Apex packs. However, the character editions are actually far better value for money. Coming in at just £15.99 – £14.39 for EA Play subscribers – these editions are far more inviting for players looking to expand their wardrobe.

With a light red, white and black eye mask, Bangalore is leaning into a more futuristic look. Personally, I am a big fan of this latest skin, and I can’t wait to see which other legends get the “edition” treatment.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment