Apex Legends Just Nerfed One Of Its Most Powerful Characters

Apex Legends’ newest character, has shifted the meta of the Battle Royale, but a recent Seer nerf is aiming to address balancing issues.

Seer is an impressive addition to the roster of Apex characters. The recon specialist rivals the likes of Bloodhound, with his enemy-seeking abilities. However, when introduced with the launch of Season 10, Seer seemed to arrive a little too overpowered for some players likings. You can check out Seer’s abilities and how best to use them here.

With Legends such as Mirage struggling to counter some of Seer’s abilities, it was inevitable that a nerf would arrive. And after a week delay, fans finally got what they wanted as a Seer nerf arrived this week.

Credit: EA/ Respawn/ GFinity

Addressing Balancing With A Seer Nerf

Respawn posted the patch last night (August 23rd) addressing each of the changes that were being made with the legend. For one, Seer’s passive would increase the heartbeat spikes for full HP targets from 1.25 seconds to 1.75. The blue spike indicating the location of enemies beyond the initial 75 metres was also reduced. And along with the removal of the centre circle ellipses, this passive would also see a reduced field of view.

The tactical, however, is where most of the issues lay. For one the window enemy teams have to avoid this locating tunnel was increased from 1.4 to 1.6 seconds. Most notably, however, the damage and flash players would receive if caught, has been removed, as well as a reduction in the screen shake. Seer players will also move slower as they line up their tactical.

For the ultimate, Respawn simply reduced the audio and increased the cooldown from 90 seconds to 120.

While players are have had issue with theses abilities, Seer’s original abilities were reported to have “kinda broke” the game.

While to any non-Apex players looking inside, these changes may seem minimal, they actually make all the difference. Respawn have addressed in the past that it is easier for them to introduce a new character overpowered and nerf them than it is to buff.

Hopefully, the Seer nerf will allow for a more fair and balanced experience in the battle royale.

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Feature Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment/ EA