Here’s Everything Coming With Apex Legends Emergence

The tenth season of Apex Legends, Emergence, is finally here, and it brings with it a whole host of character, weapon and map changes.

We already got a glimpse of some of the changes that Emergence had in store for Legends. We’ve said goodbye to some of the best weapons in the game, some Legends are getting major buffs. However, Respawn recently dropped the full list of patch notes. After taking a look here are some of the highlights of the changes arriving with Emergence.  


First up are the Legends, who have received some minor and major tweaks with the Emergence update. I already covered the huge buff that’s on its way for Caustic and the potentially overpowered Seer. On top of these two Horizon will get a nifty gravity lift speed boost. She’ll definitely be saying “Fandabby Dosey” to that. Players will also get a visual and audio cue to notify them that Revenant’s Death Totem has expired.

Outside of those you already know about, it’s Fuse who seems to have the biggest changes. Fuse will now be able to reveal enemies for the team if they are caught in his Motherlode ultimate. That’s not all for ol’ Fusey, as he’ll gain a 100% duration increase for his Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion. 

Apex Legends Seer
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

Good Bye Sweet Spitfire

While I am absolutely gutted about the Spitfire making its way into care package loot, there are some exciting changes in store for more of Apex’s weapons. 

For one, the Wingman and Hemlok will now be able to apply the hop-up “Boosted Loader” which will increase reload speed, round capacity and damage if you manage to reload just before the gun runs out of bullets. With this new hop-up on the horizon, the Anvil Reciever and Quickdraw Holster will be vaulted for now. 

Respawn is making some adjustments to attachments such as stocks. Stocks will now increase reload speed instead of magazines, and sniper stocks will be used for guns like the 30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout and Triple-Take. 

Apex Legends Rampage
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The team are also hoping that maybe you’ll pick up an L-Star for once, as the energy weapon now takes extended mags, overheats less easily, and cools off faster. 

All of these weapon changes will also be taking effect in Arenas, which is finally getting a ranked mode. But the always delightful Ash is messing with the financials of her store. Weapons like the Bocek Bow, Mastiff, and Eva-8 will receive price changes in the Arenas store. 

There are also a ton of small bug fixes coming to almost every Legend which you can check out on Apex’s official patch notes post. 

Apex Legends Emergence launches later today bringing with it big changes for World’s Edge, new Legend Seer, and LMG beast the Rampage. Players here in the UK can expect the new season to kick off at 6PM. 

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Feature Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment