Halo Infinite Impressions Are Coming In After Tech Preview Weekend

The first impressions for Halo Infinite multiplayer are flooding in after the weekend-long technical preview comes to an end.

Understandably, a lot is riding on the success of Infinite’s multiplayer. The series has been on a steady decline in player satisfaction with the releases of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. However, despite its rocky reveal, Infinite is aiming to recapture the spirit of Halo, and the tech preview only bolsters that.

Sadly, I wasn’t selected for the tech preview – what’s up with that 343? But it meant that I spent my weekend jealously combing through the various sites that did. So let’s get into the how Infinite’s multiplayer seems to be shaping up.

Credit: 343 Industries


To set the scene, entertainment site IGN stated that Halo was “ready to reclaim its place as one of the best multiplayer shooters ever made”.

Popular Call of Duty and Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags wasn’t quite as dramatic but remained positive about the preview. While he addressing on some technical issues, he complimented 343’s willingness to get players in early and use their feedback to create a more solid experience for launch.

Alex Stadnik of Game Informer was more enthusiastic, claiming that Infinite felt like a “true successor to Halo 3”. Stadnik’s impressions seemed to line up with the majority of those that got their hands on the preview.

The general impressions for the preview were overwhelmingly positive. Taking a scroll through Twitter, and you will witness a collection of fans ecstatic over the true return of Halo. And along with both the preview and last week’s stream, its clear that 343 Industries’ openness to community feedback points Infinite in the right direction for success.

Halo Infinite is still a few months away, with a confirmed Holiday release window, but I’d hope to see a more widescale beta arrive before that. After years of lagging behind Sony, it seems that Xbox finally have a hit on their hands.

What were your impressions of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer tech preview? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: 343 Industries