Asmongold Gets A Warm Welcome From FFXIV Community

Twitch streamer Asmongold has received a warm welcome from the Final Fantasy XIV community as he enters Heavensward.

Known for streaming World of Warcraft, the Twitch streamer recently began to traverse the world of Final Fantasy XIV. The FFXIV community welcomed Asmongold to the game just last month by recreating his room in-game.

The latest welcome, however, is the most incredible yet. As Asmongold started the first expansion to the game, Heavensward, a fanfare of players lined the streets of Hydaelyn as he arrived.

welcome to heavensward.

Anyone watching could see how touched the streamer was by the act. So many fans showed face that the servers became congested. Players were only visible when they came within range as the server struggled with hundreds of players.

This is not the only time the streamer has been welcomed by online communities. Communities for games such as Runescape have also welcomed the Asmongold with a mass of players in the past.

These parties highlight the wholesome nature of some communities that make up MMO types. We’ve seen communities for games like FFXIV band together for more than just welcoming parties however.

Last year World of Warcraft players gathered to honour the loss of the WoW streamer, Reckful. Asmongold also attended the event. However, more recently WoW players staged a sit-in protest in light of the recent lawsuit against Activision and Blizzard.

Possibly due to the recent lawsuit, Asmongold recently switched over to FFXIV from WoW. Nonetheless, the community have warmly accepted him – and Asmongold has had a positive reaction to the game. Asmongold is known for his unfiltered opinions, so FFXIV fans will breath a sigh of relief by his positive reaction.

We can’t wait to see Asmongold wholesomely continue his journey through Heavensward.

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Feature Image Credit: Square Enix