FFXIV Community Creates Asmongold’s Room In Game

The FFXIV community has recreated Asmongold’s streaming room in the game following his immense Final Fantasy streaming debut.

Zack ‘Asmongold’ has made quite the impression on the FFXIV community after he made the switch from World of Warcraft last week. On his first day, Asmongold almost beat his own personal viewership record, reaching a peak of just over 212k viewers. His appearance in the game also did wonders for the player count with the Steam numbers jumping to 47.5k.

The FFXIV community has given Asmongold quite the welcome. Though some stream snipers aimed to ruin everyone’s fun, his excursion away from WoW seems to be a success thus far. 

A week into streaming the popular MMO, the community has celebrated Asmongold’s appearance by recreating his legendary gaming setup within the game. The creation was devised by the player ‘markyi’ who shared images of their inspiration and final result on Imgur.

“I tried to recreate Asmongold’s room in Final Fantasy 14 to honor his arrival to Eorzea,” the user writes. “A lot of it is compensating for the limitations of the housing system, but I tried to faithfully interpret it as best as I could.”

Keira Nier via Imgur

The player has done a remarkable job of capturing exactly what Asmongold’s living space looks like. Using photos as a guide, the user has created the space to be almost exactly accurate, right down to the lampshade in the corner and the empty fast food cartons spread across the surfaces.

The area is located on a different datacenter to Asmongold’s character, so he unfortunately can’t visit it in person. However, he has spotted the screenshots online and shared his reaction while streaming.

“I mean this is exactly it,” Asmongold remarks before standing up to create a comparison. “I think it’s pretty good, right? It’s actually pretty f*cking good. It’s too real.”

The streamer is renowned for embodying the caricature of a typical MMO gamer. This video from all the way back in 2010 shows the grimy state of his gaming space. There’s a sea of fast food drinks littered around his living space and decomposing food strewn across tables. It makes xQc’s also grimy setup look like a palace in comparison.

YouTube video

Asmongold has clearly been welcomed into the FFXIV community with open arms and the streamer appears to be enjoying his time there. Whether he returns to World of Warcraft in the future is up in the air, but I’m sure the fans of FFXIV will be happy to keep him.

How accurate do you think this recreation of Asmongold’s streaming room is? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Keira Nier via Imgur