Warzone Gulag Glitch Sees Imprisoned Players Invading Gunfights

A new glitch seems to be letting Call of Duty Warzone players parachute into the Gulag and participate in the ongoing gunfight.

We’ve seen countless Warzone glitches similar to this before. Not long ago, players were finding all sorts of locations to glitch beneath the map and shoot unsuspecting enemies from below.

However, we rarely get to see glitches that actively impact the outcome of a gulag match. This new one has been found by YouTuber ‘NTrippy’, who posted a short video of him diving right into the Gulag fight from the rafters above.

YouTube video

In the video, you can see that NTrippy can move around even while the two players are waiting for the match countdown timer to end. He quickly discovers that he is invincible to enemy attacks, but can deal damage himself through punches.

NTrippy ends up killing one of the contenders himself, ending their Gulag match prematurely. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t count as his own kill and is immediately placed in his own Gulag fight where he must compete for real.

Screenshot of the new Hijacked themed Gulag in Warzone.
Credit: Activision


So far, this is the only example of the exploit that we have seen so far. While NTrippy shows off the results of the exploit, he cuts off the camera while he’s performing the steps necessary to enter the Gulag illegally.

NTrippy says that he will post the full step-by-step guide of how to perform the exploit in the next few days. Since then, however, the short clip has been shared far and wide. It’s very likely that the team at Activision and Raven Studios has seen the footage and are working on a fix.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded will release on 15th July later this week. It’s bringing the Sentry Turret scorestreak to the battle royale as well as the game’s first ever objective based mode.

Credit: Activision

Mid-season updates usually come with a plethora of other bug fixes, too. If Raven has spotted the exploit, it might be that the bug has already been squashed. I dread to think of a world where every player in the gulag is able to attempt a prison break.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision