Bloodborne Streamer’s Reaction To Boss Glitch Is Absolutely Priceless

A Twitch streamer, m0rmento, had a hilarious shock last week while playing Bloodborne to her viewers. M0rmento, real name Imogen Mellor, has been playing through Bloodborne recently on her Twitch channel. It’s a game known for its brutal difficulty, large skill curve, and unpredictability. And last week, that unpredictable nature showed itself to both m0rmento … Read more

Fallout 76’s Power Armour Glitch Turns Your Character Into A Naked Animal

Bethesda’s latest offering in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76, launched to somewhat mixed reviews, with lots of people complaining that the game is filled with bugs and glitches that are seriously affecting gameplay. One of the bugs in particular has gotten fans pretty confused, and it’s all to do with power armour. Reports of the … Read more

No Man’s Sky’s Ships Have Started Shooting At Themselves

No Man’s Sky seemed to have pleased a lot of people with their most recent (and huge) update, called NEXT.  NEXT launched in the last couple of weeks, with lots of appreciation from both fans and critics who reconciled that yes, No Man’s Sky can be a lot of fun now it’s closer to what … Read more

Glitch in MLB The Show ’17 looks like a Horror Movie

MLB The Show ’17 comes out very soon. While the release date is a little over a week away, several gamers got their hands on a copy early and boy they have endured some horrific in-game bugs. During the games early development stages, the game suffered from a creepy glitch with the player’s faces. Resembling … Read more