Pokemon GO May have just Accidentally Revealed a Never before seen Pokémon

A mysterious new Pokémon has surfaced on Pokémon Go, although you cannot catch it or register it to the Pokédex just yet.

This new Pokémon appeared following a community day, where for a few hours a new to the app or rare Pokémon appears in local communal areas. Taking advantage of these events can even grant the players special moves and in-app bonuses.

Players of the immensely popular augmented reality game took to Twitter to report sightings of the elusive new Pokémon. It would appear normally on their ‘nearby radar’ but upon capture it would transform into either a Ditto or second-gen Pokémon Chikorita. Further sightings documented the Pokémon in the app’s AR mode, even by Niantic’s own community manager.

Initially this was assumed to be an error, and players theorised that the Pokémon may be a placeholder for later third-gen additions to the game. Some players claimed to see Kecleon, who also turned into a ditto upon being captured. Increasing the mystery, a data miner revealed that the Pokémon’s Pokédex number was 891. The current generation of Pokémon only reach 807 in the Pokédex, supporting the theory that this never before seen Pokémon could be part of the next generation. This data miner also took to Twitch to show off the new Pokémon’s unique idle animations and character model.

While theories of an accidental leak started bubbling, Niantic’s Kento Suga teased the Pokémon on his personal twitter account. This followed the recent announcement that the next generation of Pokémon would be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 in a brand new core RPG.
Niantic have yet to reveal whether this Pokémon was a genuine glitch, or even an elaborate marketing stunt to get players excited about what’s next for the Pokémon series.