Red Dead Redemption 2 is getting a Battle Royale Mode

The online for the game is currently in Beta and there has been many updates coming out for it in recent weeks. The latest update was posted late last night and reveals details about upcoming updates – this includes the long rumoured battle royale style mode. Here is what they said about the upcoming game … Read more

Blizzard has added a Stan Lee NPC into World of Warcraft

That is right Blizzard have added an NPC which wanders around the Stormwind Keep in memorandum of Stan Lee. The NPC is even sporting Lee’s iconic sunglasses. The NPC wanders around the Keep greeting other NPC guard with a friendly wave and says ‘Excelsior!’. Check out a video of Stan Lee’s NPC character in action … Read more

Bungie Splits with Activision but Manages to Keep Control of Destiny

A surprise announcement from Activision has revealed that they have separated from Bungie. Bungie is the developer who is most known for making the Destiny games – fortunately for Bungie, they have managed to keep control of the Destiny IP that they are so known for. There has reportedly been some tensions between Activision and … Read more

New Splinter Cell has been Teased By Sam Fisher’s Voice Actor

Rumours of a new Splinter Cell game has been circulating for a little while now with many people expecting to see the next game announced at last years E3. They were of course wrong, but we now have a little teaser from the voice actor for the franchises main character. Luca Ward who has voices … Read more

Netflix Just ‘Flicked The Kill Switch’ On Sharing Passwords

Netflix is getting 2019 off to a painful start thanks to new changes that could see the days of sharing your password go out of the window. Those idea of one brave soul paying for the entire neighbourhood’s Netflix account might be behind us thanks to new advances in technology. If you fancy watching Bandersnatch, Indie Game: … Read more