New Bumblebee Movie Trailer Released

The Transformers movie franchise has been a little bit hit-or-miss (to put it politely) but the announcement of a Bumblebee-focused prequel movie has had fans pretty excited…

Bumblebee is due for release Christmas 2018, and as the date grows ever-closer, we’ve been treated to a brand-new trailer for the movie.


YouTube video

The official Bumblebee Twitter account shared the exciting news saying: “This Christmas, every hero has a beginning.

“Watch the new #BumblebeeMovie trailer now, and [heart] this Tweet to receive special ticketing and opening weekend reminders.”

So far fans are loving what’s been seen of the upcoming movie if Twitter responses are anything to go by…

“I think this is going to be the best movie in the entire franchise!!!” one user tweeted.

Another Transformers fanatic added: “This is proper old school G1 looking from the 80’s, just what the fans always wanted judging by the look of some of the characters now just remake the movie from the 80’s and everyone will be happy.”