Polite Hacker Asks For Access To PS Account He’d Been Using For A Year

Hackers aren’t usually known for their manners, but one Reddit user has (hilariously) shared a screenshot of a message he received from his very own hacker…

Posting on the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit, a user by the name of cerebralspinaldruid shared a photo from his PlayStation which shows received messages reading:

“Bro…I used to have your acount [sic] for almost a year and a half. And I realy liked your games. So. Can you be nice and share your password with me? Pls. I know it is awkard [sic].”

The hilarious post is getting a lot of love from Reddit right now, with people speculating just how the hacker got into the PlayStation account in the first place.

It’s not known how old the user, who goes by the name djomla32, might actually be, but people believe the gamer to be pretty young.

Seems likely they just got lucky in guessing the original password if they can no longer access the account!

Playstation Experience

One Reddit user commented on the thread saying: “Kids are incredibly resourceful when it comes to computers. Combined with a diligent enough google search, I don’t doubt a kid of that age could pull something like that off.

“My high school / middle school issued laptops to all the students, and it was a constant battle between the kids and IT trying to restrict what the laptops were used for. IT never stood a chance.”

Image: Sony

Another agreed, commenting: “This. 12 year old me grew up without the DS but had played the 3rd gen Pokemon games. The amount of optimizations I made to that no$gba emu and the amount I learnt in those few months was insane. 20 year old me would kill for that kinda diligence and learning capacity :(“

What do you think? Master hacker, or kid who got lucky?

Have you ever had your PlayStation account hacked?