Marvel Site May Confirm Four Shows Coming To Disney+ This Summer

Marvel has been pumping out TV shows on Disney+ at a pretty quick rate, and this summer is looking to introduce even more. A new listing discovered on the official Marvel Studios Japan website suggests four shows may be releasing in summer. Three of them are set to release between Doctor Strange in the Multiverse … Read more

It’s Been 5 Years Since This Hilariously Bad Trailer For The Mummy

It’s been five years since what might be my favourite Hollywood blunder ever – the time that Paramount published this hilariously bad trailer for The Mummy. The Mummy was touted to be a tentpole movie for Paramount. Tom Cruise had a huge vision that he was going to create something akin to the Marvel Cinematic … Read more

New Netflix Horror Is The ‘Most Terrifying Thing’ People Have Ever Seen

Netflix is probably the best to place to get original content that can’t be beaten, with the streaming giant pretty much always bringing out shows and movies that get everyone talking. Their latest offering, a horror starring Sandra Bullock, is no exception. Bird Box is the apocalyptic tale of a pregnant woman named Malorie (Sandra Bullock) … Read more

The New Hellboy Movie Has Just Gotten Its First Trailer

Hellboy is an absolutely classic franchise, which of course means it’s getting a revival with a brand-new cast, director and a pretty different look. We’ve known for a while that a new Hellboy movie was on the cards, and now thanks to Lionsgate we’ve got the official trailer. If you haven’t seen it, check it … Read more

Netflix’s Latest New Feature Is Baffling Its Viewers

The streaming industry is a tough one, and even though Netflix is clearly killing it for its viewers, it has to remain fresh and exciting to avoid being bested by the likes of Amazon Prime and other similar services. It’s a fiercely competitive market, with the likes of Amazon Prime, Now TV and Hulu all … Read more