Logan Paul Denies He Faked The $3.5m Pokemon Card Scandal

Logan Paul has denied claims that he faked the $3.5 million Pokemon card scandal for content on his YouTube channel. Logan Paul first revealed he had spent $3.5 million on a 1st Edition Base Set of Pokemon cards in December 2021. He later cracked them open in a separate video, where it was revealed that … Read more

Logan Paul $3.5 Million Pokémon Cards Confirmed As Fakes

The collection of “1st Edition” sealed Pokémon Cards purchased for a whopping $3.5 million by Logan Paul have been confirmed as fakes. Social media star Logan Paul made a big splash within the Pokémon community by spending big more on rare cards. The big splash involved the purchases of ‘rare’ 1st Edition cards. However, last … Read more

Logan Paul’s Massive $3.5 Million Pokémon Card Collection Might Be Fake

Logan Paul made significant headlines last month when he showed off his incredible collection of 1st Edition Pokémon Cards. However, new evidence has uncovered that the collection may actually be fake. In case you missed it, Logan Paul teased shortly before Christmas that he had spent $3.5 million on a sealed box of 1st Edition … Read more

Pokémon Unite Gets A Delightful Winter Makeover

Pokémon Unite, the cutest esports MOBA out there, is getting a delightfully seasonal winter makeover in a brand new update. Pokémon Unite released earlier this year on Nintendo Switch, much to the adoration of fans. Pitting the loveable pocket monsters against each other in arena based combat, it scratches that League of Legends itch but … Read more

Get Ready Because A New Pokemon Mobile Game Is Coming

Remember that glorious summer when Pokemon GO! first launched? You couldn’t leave your house without passing a huddle of people desperately hunting for anything other than another Pidgey. It was a magical time when the sun was always shining and everyone was suddenly BFFs with every stranger walking around with their phone out. Although the original … Read more