How to Identify a Gamer

When you walk into a class and some kid walks behind you and is accompanied with a briefcase you know shit’s about to get serious. This kid apparently wore a suite and tie as well as carried a suitcase and sat down on the first day of school, when he opened it up nothing but … Read more

We Don’t Age

Yup, you heard me. Pokemon trainers just don’t age. Nope, not at all. This picture is clear proof, It’s not like he took the picture the same day or anything. And you’d think, after so many years he would change is clothes or his general positioning in the picture would change just slightly. Nope; don’t … Read more

200 Dollar Pokemon Machine

When you think of Nintendo, more specifically when you think of the 3DS, what do you think of? What probably comes to mind is a really overpriced Pokemon machine, let’s be honest not many other games are published for the 3DS anymore and the majority of people that do purchase it do so because of … Read more

The 5 Funniest Pokemon Motivationals

Nothing says childhood like capturing exotic animals, leveling them up by walking in grass for hours, and making them beat each other senseless. Yes you guessed it, it’s the never ending Pokemon! Thanks to the internet we found so many of these hilarious pictures that we would love to share with you. Tell us which … Read more