Pokémon Go’s Launch is turning out to be a Disaster

Pokémon Go was announced in early September last year, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. The game’s objective is simple – collect ’em all. The concept, however, is genius. You’ll be heading outside and searching for Pokémon high and low, navigating via a map of your immediate area on the game-screen itself. … Read more

GTA V Made In Pokemon Style Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

Have you ever imagined seeing two of your favorite games, Grand Theft Auto and Pokémon together? Probably no one would have done that, but we have got some surprises today. A YouTube channel named Hat-Loving Gamer, who has been combining two different games into one from quite a bit now has come up with a new video. … Read more

Elite Hackers Are Now Playing Pokemon And Running Linux On Playstation 4

The infamous Fail0verflow hacker group, who notably hacked the PlayStation 3 in 2010, have now overthrown the defenses of its successor, the PlayStation 4. The group has hacked the PS4 and accomplished a working modified version of the Linux operating system. Furthermore, as the video demonstrates below, the custom OS is also able to run … Read more

Fish Plays Pokemon – You Read That Correctly

Twitch has some very interest concepts lately the most memorable one has to be Twitch Plays Pokemon. Kicking off from the successful title and gameplay comes Fish Plays Pokemon. Yep, you read that correctly, a live fish is playing Pokemon with 20k viewers watching. Grayson Hopper, a living goldfish in a dormitory is playing Pokemon, … Read more

Twitch Plays Pokemon Comes Close To Ending

The popular Twitch channel the past couple weeks has undoubtedly been “Twitch Plays.” Gamers from all over the world have tuned in and participated by playing a single Pokemon game. Playing a Pokemon game with over 100K players all inputting commands seemed to be an impossible task though as we approach day 15, gamers have … Read more