Fish Plays Pokemon – You Read That Correctly

Twitch has some very interest concepts lately the most memorable one has to be Twitch Plays Pokemon. Kicking off from the successful title and gameplay comes Fish Plays Pokemon. Yep, you read that correctly, a live fish is playing Pokemon with 20k viewers watching.

Grayson Hopper, a living goldfish in a dormitory is playing Pokemon, sort of. Using special software, a computer camera is able to track a fish swimming around in it’s bowl. When the fish hits a certain section, the software will register that as a physical button.

So far over 20,000 viewers are tuning in as a fish plays Pokemon but don’t think this fish doesn’t have skill. Apparently the fish has been able to get his starter Pokemon Charmander in which it named it AAAABBK and even won his first Pokemon battle.

The greatest challenge so far is leaving his house. Good luck Grayson Hopper!

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