Dying Light Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new video showing off gameplay of the upcoming zombie apocalypse-themed video game, Dying Light.

Dying Light, a video game that will be present at this year’s Gamescom event, has a new gameplay trailer. Techland has brought out the feel and vibe of their first zombie apocalyptic title Dead Island.

Though so far it looks vastly improved. This time around, gamers are pinned against several undead creatures who will use different combinations of weapons to go up against giant hordes.

Another cool little feature added into Dying Light compared to something like Dead Island is that players will have parkour type abilities. From free running, climbing and jumping to great lengths, it’s apparent that Dying Light will be very fast paced.

Coop will be present in Dying Light with up to four players. You’re greatest adventures will take place at night where you become easy prey for bigger and badder creatures.

Dying Light will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in February of 2015.

YouTube video