Inner City Kids Coming to PS Vita

Inner City Kids has been announced for the PS Vita next spring. Learn everything you need to know about this turn-based strategy game that puts kids together to stop robots stealing grownups each night.

James Biddulph, developer of Jamo Games, has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Inner City Kids will be releasing on the PlayStation Vita sometime next spring.

Inner City Kids plays out in a turn based strategy game where a group of kids set off to figure out why grownups are going missing each night. Their findings show that robots are stealing these parents but why and who is in charge of the master plan will be unwind in this epic tale.

One of the neat features of Inner City Kids is that gamers will have the ability to make new weapons and customize them from thousands of combinations, making attacks suitable to your liking.

Whether you are exploring robot facilities deep below the city, saving adults from abduction, or gathering new intel, you will come across new weapon modules and frames. You can build up a collection of powerful artifacts throughout the game, and revisit previous locations later on to discover powerful secret weapons and unexplored areas. This means that you can invent your own strategies from thousands of different weapon combinations to play however suits you best, inventing weapons such as healing turrets, acid grenades, stealthy remote drones or whatever you can come up with! Whether you should go all out, play defensively or set traps for your enemies will depend on you, your weapons, and the obstacles that you face.

In Inner City Kids, weapons are made up of frames and modules. Frames define the method of attack (gun, sword, turret, mine, remote drone etc), whereas the modules define the weapons effect (damage type, status effects, area damage etc). Using this simple system, the player is able to come up with whatever strategy suits their situation best, and isn’t limited by just using whichever weapon has the highest numbers on it.

You can expect to see Inner City Kids on the PS Vita sometime spring 2015.