GTA V Made In Pokemon Style Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

Have you ever imagined seeing two of your favorite games, Grand Theft Auto and Pokémon together? Probably no one would have done that, but we have got some surprises today. A YouTube channel named Hat-Loving Gamer, who has been combining two different games into one from quite a bit now has come up with a new video. … Read more

GTA: San Andreas – PS2 Vs PS4 Side-By-Side Graphics Comparison

Sony has recently announced that they will be bringing games in batches from their best selling console the PS2 over to the PS4. These games will use emulation software to bring back the classic games. It has already released the first batch of titles for the PS4 which includes 8 titles – Dark Cloud — … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Collectors Edition Revealed

If you want the exclusive collectors edition of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix then it will set you back $100 but there will be plenty of goodies tossed into the game. Square Enix has just revealed what the collectors edition of the game will come packed with if you so choose to pre-order the title … Read more

Check Out The Latest GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4 Comparison Video

Rockstar is releasing Grand Theft Auto V once again for the next generation consoles. If you didn’t pick up the copy last time on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 then you can finally do it this November 18th when the releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Though if you did play the … Read more

PlayStation TV Introduction

A new video released by Sony shows off their upcoming PlayStation TV device that will be hitting the market in North America next month. For those unaware of the device, you can watch the trailer down below to see exactly what the PlayStation TV will bring in terms of features. PlayStation TV is an upcoming … Read more