Twitch Plays Pokemon Comes Close To Ending

The popular Twitch channel the past couple weeks has undoubtedly been “Twitch Plays.” Gamers from all over the world have tuned in and participated by playing a single Pokemon game. Playing a Pokemon game with over 100K players all inputting commands seemed to be an impossible task though as we approach day 15, gamers have already collected all of the gym badges. In fact, the players are now trying to inch their way to the Elite Four.

This will be the end of the game but with over 100K participants and viewers, it would seem that Twitch Plays will continue on.  Of course, there was some little fixes needed to make the game run a little more smoothly. After a few days Twitch ended up taking away the Start button option and instead allowed gamers to use it over a period of time. Also, the ability for players to switch between Anarchy and Democracy mode as been added. These modes would allow gamers to switch between allowing either the most popular commands to play or all commands.

With the game coming to an end, which title would you like to see played next. Any video game title would seem to be an impossible task but with determination, anything can be accomplished. Let us know what titles you would like to see taken on through Twitch Plays in the comments below. Personally, if there was a way to get Demon Souls to incorporate over 100K players then that would be  interesting to see played out.

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