Tapu Koko Pokemon GO Raid Guide And Everything You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about Tapu Koko Pokemon GO. Get the headstart you need in the Season of Alola event.

With its first appearance in Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Moon in November 2016, the first Tapu Koko Pokémon GO appearance is upon us all. This legendary Fairy and Electric-type is dropping as a tier 5 raid boss in Pokémon GO’s ‘Season of Alola’.

Credit: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

We’re guessing it’ll take at least four trainers to defeat Tapu Koko, but it’s always best to find as many trainers as possible to tackle the debut Tapu Koko Pokémon GO. The biggest issue here is what are the best Pokémon and moves to defeat Tapu Koko? Let’s get into it!


Tapu Koko Pokémon GO Raid guide

We’re looking at a minimum of 1730 CP in a level 20 raid catch and a maximum of 2263 CP in a level 25 raid catch for Tapu Koko. The best counter Pokémon are going to be any with a ground typing and ground-type moveset, which is an electric type weakness. 

Having Mega Evolved Pokémon with ground-type moves is always going to be a bonus. Poison is also going to be super effective against Tapu Koko’s fairy typing. Here are some viable choices:

Mega Gengar – The best Tapu Koko Pokemon GO counter

Credit: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Type: Ghost / Poison
Moveset: Lick (Ghost) / Sludge Bomb (Poison)
Time to win: Roughly 368 seconds
Deaths: 18


Mega Beedrill

Credit: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Type: Bug / Poison
Moveset: Poison Jab (Poison) / Sludge Bomb (Poison)
Time to win: Roughly 397 seconds
Deaths: 26

Therian Landorus

Credit: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Type: Ground / Flying
Moveset: Mud Shot (Ground) / Earthquake (Ground)
Time to win: Roughly 593 seconds
Deaths: 21


Credit: Pokémon Fandom

Type: Ground / Steel
Moveset: Mup Slap (Ground) / Earthquake (Ground)
Time to win: Roughly 618 seconds
Deaths: 16


Pokémon GO! Hub also has a fully comprehensive guide on Tapu Koko counters here.

Tapu Koko Pokemon GO Movesets

Tapu Koko will have a couple of different moveset combinations that will be Electric, Fair, and Flying-type. Here are the moves users can expect below:

Fast Moves

  • Volt Switch (Electric)
  • Quick Attack (Normal)

Charge Moves 

  • Thunder (Electric)
  • Thunderbolt (Electric)
  • Brave Bird (Flying)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)

All in all, there’s nothing to worry about with Pokémon sporting ground-type moves or ground-type Pokémon for that matter. Tapu Koko will mostly hit with Electric and Fairy moves, but the Dazzling Gleam and Quick Attack combo may come up. A Pokémon such as Roserade will come in useful due to them taking reduced damage from Fairy moves. 


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