Fallout 76 Players are Logging in and Spawning as other Players Characters

Fallout 76 has had many many problems since it’s launch and those problems just seem to keep on coming for the latest iteration of the beloved franchise. Fallout 76 came around very quickly since its announcement earlier in the year but the hype for the game didn’t even manage to last that long. People had already started complaining when they learned that the game was going to be multiplayer only and the complaints and anger didn’t stop there.

Credit: Bethesda

There have been a number of instances which have got players upset. Most recently it was the fact that the game had gone on sale only a few weeks after release. Players who bought it on day on, or even pre-ordered the game felt hard done by this. Bethesda then offered them 500 of the in game currency to make it up to them. This then again annoyed players even more.

It also looks like another issue may have arisen very recently with user DahBunny taking to Reddit to explain that they had logged in as someone else’s character.

Uh, i just logged in, and uh, im playing someone elses character.

Another players character wyter, low level, tons of lead pipes.
So i log out, surely my character is in my character select? No.

My hundreds of hours and 110 levels aswell as my collection of plans, all gone, glorious.

How in sweet jesus does that sorta thing even happen. arnt characters locked to accounts?

Edit: Im starting to side with the people saying comprimised account, admittedly my PC seems too be contamination free, but i’v been thinking about it and the only option that makes sense is that i got jacked, I’ll wait too hear back from beth support and let you guys know if it was indeed my account.

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User AJ_612 commented on the post with a simple statement:

With Bethesda anything is possible.

Credit: Bethesda

Hopefully Bethesda can get this member of the Fallout 76 their account back.

Have you been playing Fallout 76 and have you had anything as bizarre as this happening? Let us know!