No Man’s Sky’s Ships Have Started Shooting At Themselves

No Man’s Sky seemed to have pleased a lot of people with their most recent (and huge) update, called NEXT. 

NEXT launched in the last couple of weeks, with lots of appreciation from both fans and critics who reconciled that yes, No Man’s Sky can be a lot of fun now it’s closer to what we were promised when it first launched back in 2016. 

However, before Hello Games toots its horn too soon, it seems players are experiencing a pretty awful bug in the game – one that’s causing a lot of hassle for ticked-off gamers. 

A number of No Man’s Sky fans have reported that their ships appear to be shooting…at themselves.

Oh dear.

The No Man’s Sky subreddit has been flooded with players complaining about the bug. 

One Reddit user posted saying: “I am using a star ship from a save file prior to NEXT and sometimes it’ll start taking damage when I fire. My friend watching from his character said it looked like my ship was shooting itself. 

“I was able to stop this temporarily by taking a portal, but it started happening shortly after. Is there any way to make it stop?” 

The post is now filled with lots of users experiencing the same issue, which has since been reported to the game’s developer, Hello Games. 

One user speculated: “It has to be the ship hurting itself. If I’m moving forward by any amount I hurt myself. Drifting backwards I have no issues. I’ve killed myself several times trying to figure this out.” 

The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, responded to Kotaku’s investigation of the bug, saying: “Our ships are procedurally generated, as are our weapon stats. The issue you mention affects a subset of ships that players can buy in-game, with certain weapons. 

“It is generally only seen when multiplayer is active, and is related to network lag in these cases. The issue has been fixed by the team, is in testing, and will be released in a hotfix soon.” 

Hopefully that fix comes sooner rather than later. Have you experienced this bug yet?