ASUS To Aggressively Reduce Price Of Graphics Cards

ASUS, one of the biggest graphics card manufacturers in the world, has stated that it’s actively trying to reduce the cost of its graphics cards. An ASUS representative recently spoke to PCGamer and stated that “ASUS has been dropping pricing across all SKUs.” It’s been noted not only by PCGamer, but by a wider audience … Read more

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Could Cost Around $4000

A new retail listing has suggested that the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti could cost around $4000, more than most full computers. A global tech shortage is still ongoing, leaving the industry in a rough state for much of 2020 and 2021. However, the main GPU companies Nvidia and AMD have continued putting out new products. … Read more

Top 5 Of The Most Unique PC Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to choosing between PC gaming keyboards there are lots of features to keep an eye out for. You want one that’s going to be reliable, comfortable, and helps you be the very best at your games. Oh, and you want it to look the part too. What’s the point in having a … Read more

Razer’s New Quartz Collection Is Overwhelmingly Pink

Razer has revealed its new line of techy goodness – well, its revamped classics – and they’re all very, very pink. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, of course. Sharing an image of the new goodies on Twitter, Razer wrote: “Say it with Quartz. Take a fresh look at some of our best-performing hardware, now … Read more

Survey Reveals That Game Developers Prefer PC

A 2019 Game Developers Conference survey has found that PC is still the chosen platform for most game developers. Asking close to 4,000 developers for their opinions on creating games for PC, consoles and mobile, an overwhelming number expressed their passion for PC. 56% of the test group had released their most-recent game on PC, … Read more