6 reasons that prove Consoles are better than PC

There are pros and cons when it comes to gaming on a PC or on consoles, and you’ve just got to decide which ones matter the most to you. Once you’ve picked a side, you’ve got to dig your heels in and defend your purchase mercilessly anytime the topic comes up, including personal attacks and … Read more

10 amazing games you can run on a medium spec PC

PC Gaming, while very enjoyable can be an expensive investment. Sometimes gamer’s want to play on PC, but they don’t have the high-end gaming machine to run their games. These are 10 video games that will run on a medium spec PC. 10. Just Cause 2 Minimum Specs Required Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 8800 … Read more

A budget PC setup that can run any current game

PC Gaming, while rewarding can be a very expensive investment. However, with the proper research and some knowledge on how to build a PC, you can build strong machine without burning a serious hole in your wallet. After doing some research I have found all the parts you need to build your own PC, that … Read more

40% Of All Steam Games Were Released In 2016

Let’s flash back to 2012 for a minute. That’s the year that there were internet blackouts to protest against SOPA, Encyclopedia Britannica stopped publishing their books, the first Avengers movie came out, and – oh yeah – Steam released a measly 379 games. They just barely managed to surpass one game per day. Steam was originally … Read more

Battlefield 1’s PC System Requirements have been revealed

Are you a PC Gamer and what to know how you can run Battlefield 1, EA’s upcoming multiplayer shooter, efficiently? Well the specs for the game have recently been released along with the respective requirements needed to properly run the game. Whether you’re attempting to run the game at its minimum phase or optimum, you’ll need … Read more

New Handheld Game Console Capable Of Running All PC Games

Author: Jeff Taylor With the rise of tablets, mobile phones, and notebooks, the desktop market is being kept alive in large part due to PC gaming enthusiasts (and grandparents). PC gaming allows you to experience the fastest frame rates, the best graphics, and the largest and least expensive library of games – the downside is that it’s … Read more