A budget PC setup that can run any current game

PC Gaming, while rewarding can be a very expensive investment. However, with the proper research and some knowledge on how to build a PC, you can build strong machine without burning a serious hole in your wallet. After doing some research I have found all the parts you need to build your own PC, that can not only run any current game at 1080p but is also capable of running an Oculus Rift VR headset!


Central Processing Unit

Image: Intel

A 7th generation processor, the Intel Core i5-7500 ($204.99) will reward gamers with stunning 4K visuals (ideal for VR enthusiasts!)



Image: Gigabyte

The Gigabyte LGA1151 ($57.00) is a great motherboard. With support on 7th/6th generation Intel Core processors, a dual channel DDR4, with 2 DIMMS, along with an audio noise guard, with high-quality audio capacitors this is a powerful yet simple motherboard for first time PC builders.

Additionally, the motherboard offers a  very simple and easy to use GIGABYTE app center. This will allow you to easily launch all GIGABYTE apps installed on your system, check related updates online and download the latest apps, drivers, and BIOS.


Graphics Card

Image: Nvidia

The Gigabyte GTA 1060 3GB ($189.99) is built with all-new NVIDIA Pascal architecture. Sporting an ultra-fast FinFET manufacturing process. Additionally, the 10 series of GeForce GTX cards offer a quantum leap in power efficiency and PC performance.


Image: ATX

The ATX Mid Tower V01 ($34.99) case by from VIVO is the ideal choice for all gamers. With an excellent air flow and cooling, plenty of space for expansion, 3.0 USB capability, as well as easy access to the thumb screw mount side panels. This is the ideal case for even novice PC builders. Additionally, those who purchase the V01 case will be treated with front-back and side vents and mounts, which can store up to four fans.

Random Access Memory 

Image: Ballistix

The Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB ($59.99) is easy to install, yet a powerful asset in to put in your gaming gig. Offering up to 2400 MT/s in speed this RAM offers faster speeds and responsiveness the standard Crucial DDR4 memory.


Internal Hard Drive

Image: Seagate

Seagate 1TB BarraCuda ($49.99) is a versatile, fast internal hard drive. With today’s game’s running big in terms of file size it can take quite some time downloading that file onto your computer. The Seagate BarraCuda Additionally, purchasing a Seagate BarraCuda as your internal hard drive will offer you between 2-5 years warranty depending on the form factor you purchase.

Power Supply

Image: Antec

If this is your first time building a PC I highly recommend the Antec VP-450W ($39.99) as your first power supply. While it is nothing fancy or over the top, you will get a quiet 120 mm fan for effective, quiet cooling, dual +12V rails which will offer you an amazing stable power.

Optical Disk Drive

Image: Samsung

Samsung 24x SATA ($21.99) is an ODD that supports all DVD formats and is also compatible with any operating system starting with Windows 8 and beyond. The Samsung 24x SATA also features a double optimum power control which balances the laser power on the sides of the disc for superb writing performance.


Operating System

Image: Microsoft

Windows 10 ($92.99) is the definitive operating system for PC gaming. With a gaming performance on par with Windows 8. Additionally, having Windows 10 as your OS will allow you to stream Xbox One games on PC, and you can take full advantage of the ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ feature, which is a cross-play feature, allowing you to carry over all your achievement’s, game progression, etc from your Xbox One profile to your PC file!

Final Price


If you decide to follow this guide step by step and make all your purchases through Amazon you will be spending a total of $825.43 (keep in mind that the prices do change frequently). With that in mind, spending a little over $800 on this build is not bad for the final purchase price and most pre-builts with VR features can cost you around a starting price of $1,000 and beyond.

Not only are you getting a machine that is VR ready, but you can run AAA titles such as Battlefield 1, Overwatch or even Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the highest settings while maintaining a smooth 60fps. Additionally, this PC will run any game maxed out on a 1440p monitor.