ASUS To Aggressively Reduce Price Of Graphics Cards

ASUS, one of the biggest graphics card manufacturers in the world, has stated that it’s actively trying to reduce the cost of its graphics cards. An ASUS representative recently spoke to PCGamer and stated that “ASUS has been dropping pricing across all SKUs.” It’s been noted not only by PCGamer, but by a wider audience … Read more

PUBG Tried To Implement Fortnite-Like Event Mode But Had To Cancel It

PUBG is trying so, so hard to fix itself but it’s not going as well as people hoped… The latest issue the game is facing is a problem with its Event Mode, which PUBG has announced as unplayable due to a “critical error.” Posting on Twitter, the PUBG Help page wrote: “PC Players: Unfortunately, this … Read more

Paul Allen, Co-Founder Of Microsoft, Has Passed Away

One of the most important people in the tech industry has sadly passed away. Paul Allen, who co-created Microsoft with partner Bill Gates back in 1975, passed away at the age of 65 due to “complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” Microsoft released a statement on his passing, taking to Twitter with the following: “Paul Allen’s contributions … Read more