ASUS To Aggressively Reduce Price Of Graphics Cards

ASUS, one of the biggest graphics card manufacturers in the world, has stated that it’s actively trying to reduce the cost of its graphics cards.

An ASUS representative recently spoke to PCGamer and stated that “ASUS has been dropping pricing across all SKUs.”

It’s been noted not only by PCGamer, but by a wider audience and base, that there’s a clear surge in demand for Graphics Cards. It’s to the extent that supply chain expert Dr Thomas Goldsby has noted that:


A supplier out there will get nervous that they are sitting on considerable supply for an item that has a limited shelf life (with newer cards entering the market) and will make the move to clear out that excess inventory. Peer suppliers will then have to follow that lead. And back to equilibrium we fall.”


In October of last year there was a notable supply chain issue, with scalpers using bots to buy long-awaited graphics cards and then sell them at hyper-inflated prices. It’s the same issue that was facing and is indeed still facing consumers of PlayStation and Xbox. Scalpers keep scooping them up and stop the general consumer from even being able to buy one at all.

What do you think about the entire situation? Do you think it’s about time that ASUS reduces the price of its graphics cards and that this will lead to others following suit? Or do you think that this is all too little too late? Let us know on our social channels!



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Featured Image Credit: Asus