The Steam Winter Sale Dates Have Been Leaked Online

Christmas is a magical time, not because of the food, the presents, the alcohol and your nan falling asleep in front of Doctor Who, but mainly because it means it’s time for the Steam Winter sale! Steam’s seasonal sales offer some of the best prices on some of the best games of the year – … Read more

Fortnite Developer Is Launching A Steam Competitor

It’s just been announced that Fortnite developer Epic Games plans to launch a competitor to Steam, and it wants to undercut Steam’s developer costs. According to GameInformer, the new and upcoming digital PC store from Epic hopes to pull game devs away from Steam by giving them 88% of the revenues, keeping just 12% for … Read more

Steam is getting a Complete Redesign

Valve has been saying it wants to redesign Steam’s classic look for a pretty long time now, but even though we don’t know when the changes are planned for, it looks like we’re now about to see what’s in the works. Taking to Twitter, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik shared a slide from a Valve presentation … Read more

Star Citizen Will Be Going Free For A Week And Includes New Content

Star Citizen, the upcoming game that never seems to be leaving its alpha development, will be free to play for everyone next week. You’ll be able to test out the game for the low low price of nothing, between the dates of 23rd – 30th November 2018, thanks to what Star Citizen is calling its Free … Read more