Steam is getting a Complete Redesign

Valve has been saying it wants to redesign Steam’s classic look for a pretty long time now, but even though we don’t know when the changes are planned for, it looks like we’re now about to see what’s in the works.

Credit: Valve

Taking to Twitter, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik shared a slide from a Valve presentation that apparently took place back in January.

Alongside the image he added: “Just remembered that Valve’s been working on a Steam redesign for years now. Here’s a picture from a presentation in January. It certainly doesn’t look like the SteamU leak from 2 years ago.”

Check out the images in the tweet below!

Credit: Valve

Neither Valve or Steam has commented on the authenticity of the leak as of yet, but PC gamers are quick to believe it’s exactly what Djundik’s claiming it to be.

People are even going so far as to estimate the release of the redesign, believing it to launch in January 2019, although there’s nothing to confirm that’s the case.

Credit: Valve

It’s assumed that the screenshots are mock-ups for now – at least, that’s what Twitter’s hoping- with people branding the new look as ugly.

What do you think about the new look for PC gaming? Do you prefer it to the current version of Steam, or should Valve give up on this pipe dream?