Star Citizen Will Be Going Free For A Week And Includes New Content

Star Citizen, the upcoming game that never seems to be leaving its alpha development, will be free to play for everyone next week.

Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

You’ll be able to test out the game for the low low price of nothing, between the dates of 23rd – 30th November 2018, thanks to what Star Citizen is calling its Free Flight Event.

The Star Citizen website states: “During the promotion, anyone can join Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe for free. You’ll be able to experience Star Citizen first-hand, but to get out there and start exploring, you’re gonna need a ship.

“Starting on November 23rd, every day, a different ship manufacturer in the game will make its entire flyable fleet available for a 24-hour test flight period.

“There may also be some surprises in store for those of you who make the trek out to Hurston and see what Lorville’s all about, as well as some fun interactive activities here on the website, so stay tuned.”

Excitingly, the free week will allow you to explore the very first planet to be added into the game – Hurston, and you can even fly every ship in the game too, with 24 hours of free play that’ll rotate to give them each a chance in the limelight.

Hurston was shown off for the first time back in October at Citizen 2018, contrasting the vast and limitless exploration of outer space against futuristic inner-city living.

Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Honestly, Hurston wouldn’t look out of place in a Bladerunner movie, and you can check out some of the gameplay below.

YouTube video

Hurston and the free ships aren’t the only freebies you can take advantage of this November, as you’ll also be able to make use of a load of the new features just introduced to the game.

They include new race missions, as well as face-tracking so your playable character can emulate that you’re actually doing IRL. Which is…a little more than creepy if you ask me…

Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

You can take advantage of the free week right now – set up your account and and download Star Citizen from the official website, right here.