PS Plus games Have been Announced for January

As you know PS Plus comes around every month with some hot new offerings for you to play. PlayStation has just announced what games will be gracing your consoles for free this January and they are sticking to the wintery time of year theme (kinda). January is more than a drag for most people who … Read more

Here’s How To Get Subnautica For Free This December

The only thing better than getting a new game is getting a new game for free, and thanks to the Epic Store you won’t even need to wait until December 25th. The Epic Store is giving away Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s amazing Subnautica. The open-world exploration and horror game is now free for you to download – … Read more

Star Citizen Will Be Going Free For A Week And Includes New Content

Star Citizen, the upcoming game that never seems to be leaving its alpha development, will be free to play for everyone next week. You’ll be able to test out the game for the low low price of nothing, between the dates of 23rd – 30th November 2018, thanks to what Star Citizen is calling its Free … Read more

Valve Pays $20,000 To Hacker Who Found Steam Bug

Sometimes being a hacker pays off, and it definitely has in the case of Artem Moskowsky. Moskowsky calls himself a “bug hunter,” and he’s raking in some serious cash for his efforts to reveal and identif potentially detrimental flaws in systems like Steam.   Back in August of this year, Moskowsky discovered a pretty serious glitch within Steam’s … Read more