Star Citizen Will Be Going Free For A Week And Includes New Content

Star Citizen, the upcoming game that never seems to be leaving its alpha development, will be free to play for everyone next week. You’ll be able to test out the game for the low low price of nothing, between the dates of 23rd – 30th November 2018, thanks to what Star Citizen is calling its Free … Read more


Best Space Games That Let You Make Contact With Aliens

Creatures from outer space have always sparked a huge interest in people and many conspiracies have been created along the years concerning their existence. Starting from the infamous Area 51 and ending with impromptu UFO sightings or tales of abductions, aliens are an important part of the modern folklore. Their appearances in video games are … Read more

Star Citizen: PS4 version not ruled out

Chris Roberts has said the he would “definitely consider” a PS4 version of  Star Citizen. However, there was no such announcement made in the present context. Speaking about the PS4 he said,“The good news is that it’s essentially a PC, so that means PC owners will get much better ports of console games. I’m not … Read more